Corporate Primary Care Edmonton, AB TK G

Corporate Primary Care

At Qualitas Care Clinic, we understand you only want the best for your company and employees. We are proud to provide corporate primary care to our local businesses, no matter which part of the country work may take you. With our primary care coverage, we can service a wide range of health conditions from injury and illness to chronic health conditions that may require continuous treatment. We can also perform well visits and annual physicals and screenings, nutritional guidance, and preventative medicine.

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Corporate Health Assessments Edmonton, AB TK G

Corporate Health Assessments

Corporate health assessments consist of tests and screenings designed to give your employees a comprehensive view of their health. This enables us to diagnose and detect health concerns early before they progress into more serious conditions. At Qualitas Care Clinic,, we are proud to provide corporate health assessments for your company. With regular health checkups and screenings throughout the office, you can promote a healthier lifestyle for all staff members.

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Corporate Wellness Programs Edmonton, AB TK G

Corporate Wellness Programs

At Qualitas Care Clinic, we know your company is more than just staff or employees, but your family and that you want to provide them with the highest quality of care, and we are here to help. With our corporate wellness programs, we strive to help you achieve a culture of health and optimal employee wellbeing within your office. Our goal is to support your company by creating avenues for your employees to live healthier lifestyles, not just physically but overall. We will work with your staff to ensure the programs are well integrated into your systems and widely accessible with ease for your staff.

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