Screening & Testing Edmonton, AB TK G

Screening & Testing

At Qualitas Care Clinic, we understand that it is important to provide you with the highest quality of service in addition to offering as-needed health care, we also specialize in screening and testing. Annual wellness screenings are important for detecting easy to correct problems, potential flare-ups, or larger issues that may become an issue in the future. We provide a wide variety of occupational health screenings including physical ability tests, fitness for duty and lift tests, urinalysis, physicals, and vision and hearing testing.

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Health Surveillance Edmonton, AB TK G

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance goes hand in hand with screening and testing. Routine screenings can help us to diagnose problems early and avoid potential health flare-ups. If we notice something during these screenings, health surveillance helps us to monitor issues that are relevant to your overall health and wellbeing. In addition to monitoring your health, our health surveillance services also include detecting and eliminating potential hazards, exposures, in the workplace and developing prevention plans and guidelines.

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Injury Prevention Edmonton, AB TK G

Injury Prevention

Preventing accidents and injury is not only important in terms of health and safety, but also for company wellbeing, morale, and productivity. At Qualitas Care Clinic, we believe in a strong company-wide approach to injury prevention and safety. Our goal is to reduce injury and illness rates associated with work hazards by training staff to analyze and detect risks and potential hazards within the office to build safety precautions and guidelines. By working with your staff regularly, we can learn how to better prevent or minimize injuries within the workplace.

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Wellness Programs Edmonton, AB TK G

Wellness Programs

Wellness and well-being involve much more than your physical or mental state. At Qualitas Care Clinic , our belief in establishing successful wellness programs within the workplace sets a strong foundation. Our programs cover financial, social, emotional, and various other states of being that are important to make people feel grounded and secure. By providing your employees with a quality wellness program and support system, you create a healthy environment that increases a company’s productivity and profits.

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