Providing healthcare to rural and urban patients via secure HIPPA compliant video or phone service. Access Virtual is bringing convenience and innovation to patients, connecting them with a local family physician, specialists and healthcare providers to address healthcare conditions that doesn’t necessarily requires patient to attend clinic in-person.

Services provided:

  • Primary care
  • Medical Specialities
  • Preventive Care
  • Women’s Health
  • Mental Health
  • Wellness Programs
  • Travel Health Clinic
  • Second Opinion Service
  • Global Referral Program
  • My FP- membership add-on service to QCC to facilitate connecting the regular patients to their family physician
Wellness Programs Edmonton, AB TK G

Wellness Programs

We will work with you and your extended medical team to tailor a wellness program that suits your unique needs. At Qualitas Care Clinic, we care about your overall health and wellness as such our wellness programs over a range of services. Your wellness plan will cover nutrition and dietary goals, how to make better lifestyle choices, and we can also assist in shedding those unwanted pounds. Your mental health is equally important, and we are here for you to support you on any point of the journey to a happier, healthier life.

  • Nutrition
  • MD weight loss program
  • Mental Health Support
  • Lifestyle Couching

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Travel Health Clinic Edmonton, AB TK G

Travel Health Clinic

Whether it is your first time traveling abroad or you are well seasoned, preparing for an upcoming trip can be overwhelming. At Qualitas Care Clinic, we are proud to offer travel health clinic services to our friendly travelers. Depending on your destination, certain recommended vaccinations or screenings may be needed before you travel.

During your consultation, we will inform you of any necessary vaccinations required so that you can be sure you are ready for travel. In addition to medical health, we can also provide important up-to-date health and safety information about your destined location. Bring your travel plans with you as well as we can assist with any food, water, and certain activity safety precautions such as how to prevent altitude sickness.

  • Travel Health Advisory
  • Travel Vaccination assessment

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